Aircraft Resale

Let's cut to the Chase and sell your aircraft.

Chase Aviation Company offers a wide range of cutting edge marketing and advertising services complimented by a highly experienced team of aviation experts that are ready to help you sell your aircraft on a global scale. We are committed to changing the expectations that Buyers and Sellers have of those of us in the Aircraft Sales business and it is evident in everything we do.  Our marketing program is designed specifically to target the "end-user," a current or future aircraft owner, not other brokers or dealers.

“You guys did an outstanding job of selling our plane!  You absolutely exceeded every expectation I had about this project…just amazing!!!” –Randy Roth, N815CE

Exclusive Listings.  Period.

We don't just represent aircraft for sale, we represent the owner of the aircraft and their interests.  When you see our logo on an aircraft spec sheet, you can be sure that we are the ONLY company that has been given written permission to represent the aircraft.  We do not take "non-exlusives" nor will we try to peddle an aircraft that is "off-market," or "chase deals."  We HIGHLY recommend our competitors for this and would be happy to provide referrals.

Why do we work this way?  Quality of service.  Since our interests are directly tied to our Client's we can focus purely on what it takes to get them the most amount of money we possibly can for their aircraft while providing a Buyer with a level of confidence they need to do so.

Our Marketing Program

Since 2005, we have taken measured and conscious steps to develop the absolute most effective marketing program we possibly could.  It's not just about having a big ad budget and throwing money into glossy magazines, it's about getting a consistent and multilateral message out to the aircraft buying community.  That message is simple: "Here is our aircraft.  Here is everything you need to know about it, the things that make it worth buying and how easy we can make buying it for you."

eBroadcasts and Direct Marketing

The single most important part of our Marketing Program, our eBroadcasts are sent out to our proprietary, worldwide database of over 30,000 active subscribers.  Fortune 500 corporations, billionaires and high net worth individuals, movie stars, music stars, aircraft owners, flight departments big and small, and tens of thousands of people and businesses in the aviation community.  We maintain an extremely low opt-out rate because each one of our eBroadcasts is custom designed in-house so no two are alike.  We never send ANY third party advertisements and keep the amount of mailings we do to an absolute minimum.  By the way: Our eBroadcasts account for over 30% of our sales.  

Advertising and Web Presence

If you've clicked around our site at all, you've probably noticed we put a lot of stock into having a clean, easy-to-read website and professional image.  This message is carried over to all of the places we advertise which currently exceeds 20 locations throughout the world.  From print publications to online placement and social media, our objective is to get our aircraft in front of as many people as possible.  The more people that see them, the higher the likelihood of finding a buyer who is able to see the value in what your aircraft has to offer.

In full disclosure, most of these advertising locations are seldom the source of a lead that ends up purchasing, but the collective greatly contributes to Google and Bing search engine page ranking and overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It is our belief that our target audience finds the aircraft they want to buy by going to one of these search engines and typing "Cessna Citation X for sale," but we target them organically, not by paying for placement or buying that domain.

Our advertising budget is vast but just like you, we're smart investors.  We're constantly testing new ad locations and ways to get our aircraft out there but we don't believe it's a direct correlation to dollars spent.

Video Slide Shows

A picture is worth a thousand words but video doesn't lie.  That's the reason that we developed a new form of direct marketing we call video slide shows.  A mixture of both photos and video, these engaging forms of media also include text messages that deliver the viewer useful information we want them to know while holding them captive for the entire video.  These videos are produced in-house which saves thousands of dollars; a cost we don't have to pass on to our Clients.  A cost they dont have to pass on to the aircraft Buyer.

Experience Counts

Chase Aviation Company is made up more than just sales staff.  We are a highly experienced team that works near seamlessly with one another united by a common goal of selling our Clients aircraft faster and for more money than our competition.  With hundreds of millions of dollars of aircraft sold, we've proven to ourselves and to our Clients time and again that we are the "best of the best" but strive to be better each transaction.  After each aircraft we sell we make a list of all the things that went right, and all the things that we could have done better.  We are discliplined professionals with the experience you need to make sure your aircraft and your interests are represented properly, right from the beginning.

To request a Proposal and Marketing Plan that specifically outlines how we can help you please contact us via our web form.

Recently Sold

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